Home Automation and Controls

“Smart home” is a very broad term, covering a huge number of connected gadgets, systems and appliances that do a wide variety of different things. “Home automation” is slightly less broad, referring specifically to things in your home that can be programmed to function automatically.

  • In years past, those automations were pretty basic — lamp timers, programmable thermostats and so on — but that’s fast been changing thanks to the recent sprawl of smart home tech aimed at mainstream consumers.
  • The possibilities are immense, ranging from lights and locks to cameras and coffee makers. The common denominator is automation, and a promise that these devices can save you time, save you money or make your life a little easier. An automated lamp might turn on by itself as soon as you walk into the room. An automated thermostat might turn the heat down when it detects you’ve left for the day, then back on when it thinks you’re on your way back.
  • Morgan Electric Services can provide system hubs and smart home controllers from the biggest names in Home Automation and Security. Choose from specialized irrigation controllers, security hubs, and all-in-one automation controllers to make your home smarter and safer.